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The Secondary Technical School of Commerce and Catering Trade was established in 1979. It later merged with the Secondary School of Agriculture. Today, the Egri SzC Kereskedelmi, Mezőgazdasági és Vendéglátóipari Szakgimnáziuma, Szakközépiskolája és Kollégiuma is the largest school of its kind in Heves County. 

Our mission is to maintain our valuable traditions, keep up with educational innovations and create sustainable plans for the future. The goal is to provide students with marketable knowledge which leads them to employment. Our highly trained teachers and well-equipped classrooms, along with academic and real-world instruction, guarantee that our students receive practical and up-to-date education ensuring a successful start to their career.


Students attending the college are between 14 and 21 years of age. They may choose from 19 trades and study one foreign language; English, German or French. The school offers secondary technical and vocational education in the fields of commerce, marketing, catering trade, agriculture and food processing Among others, they may learn to be a shop assistant, chef, waiter, confectioner, baker, florist or forester. The school owns a training restaurant, kitchen, office, a training farm and a wine cellar.


The College has been continuously involved with international projects for nearly 20 years. We have completed several Comenius school cooperation projects and Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects. We offer young people opportunities to interact and work together with their counterparts in partnering countries. In addition, college faculty benefits from shared experiences with colleagues in other countries of the EU, exploring alternate ways of addressing the education of young people.


Our intention is to extend and develop our participation with international co-operation projects.


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4-6, Pozsonyi street, Eger, 3300, Hungary



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+36/70 400-2874



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Headmaster: Milibákné Veres Erika


Contact person in German: Magdolna Kalina












3300 Eger, Pozsonyi u. 4-6.                                                  +36/70 400-2874                                     

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